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About Us

If you have any queries, suggestions or feedback, please email us at or ring us on 0800 012 4116. We also love your receiving your contributions to the GTC blog, so please send us your tips, stories, reviews or holiday ideas and we'll do our best to publish them!  

Here at we believe that just because you are travelling light, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to travel beautifully! Using our experience of backpacking and travelling all over the world we have put together a collection of lovely yet useful things, sourced as ethically as possible. We supply schools, colleges, hospitals, charities, government organisations and even celebrities.

Our own brand products are SLS, SLES and parabens free, and where possible we only use organic ingredients; nothing we sell has been tested on animals, and we try to use fair-trade producers where possible.

We aim to recycle as much as possible, to offset the cost of the carbon emissions we create during our travels, and to try and put something back into the communities whose hospitality we have enjoyed! We are also delighted to be able to support Plan International UK, and the Love In A Box Christmas Appeal, plu the teenagers of Manchester Children's Hospital and White Ribbon. We have also just donated a shipment of children's poncho to a refugee camp in Thessaloniki who are desperate for supplies; if you would like to help or make a donation to our next consignment please get in  touch via the Contact Us page.


Meet the Team!

Girls' Travel Club was started by Becci Coombes (below), following two long trips backpacking around the world. She wrote a journal full of tips, recipes, anecdotes and bad jokes while she was travelling and kept notes of all the remedies she found useful. Published on Amazon, it makes a great holiday read. She now writes tips and advice for top UK daily newspapers and magazines, and has a new Scandinavian shopping website and blog,  

She was also frustated by the lack of beautiful and useful things for female travellers and holidaymakers, and was very aware how people who have not travelled before get sucked into buying a 100 litre rucksack full of things they'll never use,  or that are full of nasty chemicals and additives. Hopefully we can change all that, and keep you safe and healthy at the same time.

Likes; tea, swimming in rivers.



Gemma is our Office Manager and is in charge of all stationery, particularly new pens and stickers. Jason has full control of the Pick and Packing Dept, the nuclear coffee and the stereo.


Angy (below) is our chief product tester as she is always to about to embark on one charity project or another abroad, from rural Serbia to the wilds of Uganda to the fjords of frozen Norway. What she doesn't know about procuring chocolate abroad isn't worth knowing.

Likes; Max Bygraves, Skodas.


This is Tim. He likes to style himelf VP of glass ceiling/blue sky synergistics. This basically means he wanders in, has a chat to Gemma and eats all the biscuits.

Likes; his iPhone, Batman, biscuits (especially those M and S chocolate shortbreads).


Janet is our top financial whizz, and makes sure that Becci doesn't spend too much on teabags. Does sterling work for charity.


Bex's book. Marginally jollly, with details of recipes, travel advice and myriad ways to avoid proto-drowning when indulging in foreign watersports.

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